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1150 - 1250
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The most dramatic changes of this period are helm types. The styles of the previous century were still in use but now came important additions. Face plates were now added to helms, making for much better protection of the head. The famous barrel helm was in use by 1250 and was often large enough to allow a metal skull cap to be worn underneath.

Protection for the joints had always been a problem for warriors. Now steel plates can be seen over knee and elbow. Though they offer no articulation, they were a good armor against blows and help if a rider is unhorsed.

Shields are Norman in design but now have a flat top. By 1250, the classic heater shield is born and carried by the better class of fighter. (This is the typical shield shape often shown in heraldry examples.)

Armour from 1250 - 1300

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Rampart of red and yellow shields

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Rampart of black and yellow shields