Biblical Time Frame of The Maciejowski Bible

The artistry of the Maciejowski Bible covers the first part of the Holy Bible, from the story of The Creation in the book of Genesis to the story of David in the book of II Samuel. 

For those who believe in the biblical concept of "Creation" (as opposed to natural formation and evolution), or even for those who believe in evolution but are curious as to the time frame painted by the Holy Bible's concept of Creation, a difficult task has always been to place some sort of understandable frame of time-reference to The Creation, in terms of the calendar of years with which we are familiar (e.g.; 1250AD, 1000 BC, etc.).  In other words, how many years ago was "The Creation"?  How many years ago did "Adam & Eve" exist?

According to most theological studies of the inherent timelines referenced throughout the scriptures of the Holy Bible, (remember, these are purely biblical references), theologians have calculated that [1] Jesus Christ was born approximately in the year 4 or 5 BC; [2] The reign of King David (the culminating point for the Maciejowski Bible) is known to have been from 1010 BC to 970 BC (he reigned for 40 years); [3] Adam and Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit somewhere* between 4004 - 4092 BC; [4] "The Creation" has been calculated as being 6844 years prior to Adam & Eve's original sin, thereby placing it somewhere* between the years 10936 - 11004 BC.

Therefore, the rough timeline for the imagery in the Maciejowski Bible can be loosely set as being from 11000 BC to 1000 BC ("The Creation to King David"), a time frame which begins 12250 years prior to and ends 2250 years prior to the creation of the Maciejowski Bible (c1250 AD).

*We say "somewhere", as there is a 68-Year discrepancy in the resulting calculations between various theologians who have studied the inherent (and somewhat subject to interpretation) time-references found in the scriptures of the Holy Bible.