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Maciejowski 20
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Images from the Maciejowski Bible, Leaf 20

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(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Hannah offers Samuel Samuel in the temple
Hannah offers her son, Samuel, for life-long service to the lord in the temple.  Details show: 1 -a small hand-basket used to hold barley grain.   2 -a pitcher or jug, in this case used to hold wine.  3 -a representation of "tabernacle-work" ~ construction indicative of a religious tabernacle.  4 -the Ark Of The Covenant. Samuel serves within the temple.  A Meat offering is cooked and served on the left, for the temple offering.   Details show: 1 -a cooking caldron, over a hearth-fire, suspended from the overhead beam on a "fearne".  2 -close-up of the "Fearne", an iron chimney-crook with ratcheting teeth, used for raising and lowering the cooking caldron over the fire.  3 -a period-style cooking fork4 -a small utility knife 5 -example of another style of serving bowl6 -the Ark Of The Covenant.
Details 1A small basket. 2A pitcher. 3Tabernacle-style construction. 4The Ark Of The Covenant. Detail 1A cooking caldron, over a hearth-fire, hung from a fearne. 2A "Fearne", a ratcheting arm used to raise and lower the caldron. 3Period-style cooking fork. 4A small utility knife. 5Another style of serving bowl. 6The Ark Of The Covenant.

(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
God calls Samuel The Ark Of The Covenant
God tells Samuel of the impending destruction of the House of Eli.  Detail shows:  1 -the Ark Of The Covenant.  2 -a representation of a Cherub3 -a scroll, most likely either papyrus or parchment. The Philistines take the Ark Of The Covenant with them into battle to bolster their strength.  Details show: 1 -another style of period footwear.   2 -period musical instruments, trumpets3 -the Ark Of The Covenant being transported on a platform at the head of the Philistine army.  4 -another good view of a Bard or Barding ~ a padded fabric covering for the horse, often used to display the heraldic marking of the knight.  5 -a "Maciejowski Helm".  6 -a "Maciejowski Helm".  7 -a "Maciejowski Helm".  8 -a heraldic type of flag, called a "Banner", attached (in this case) to the head of a spear.  Typically, they were vertical in orientation (as seen), usually 2 "units" wide by 3 "units" high, and represented a king, baron, overload or knight.  It preceded him in battle as a sign of his feudal rights ~ in this case, there are three black (sable) cinquefoils on a white (argent) background (field).  9 -heraldic flags; specifically the "Pennon", a  medium-sized flag (about 3 feet in length) flown from the head of a spear that is held "at charge" (horizontally or near-so). Any heraldry or artwork displayed on a pennon is oriented to be viewed in the "at charge" position. The pennon indicated the physical presence of the person who's arms might be displayed on it.
Details 1The Ark Of The Covenant. 2A cherub. 3A scroll, either of papyrus or parchment. Details 1Period footwear. 2Trumpets. 3The Ark Of The Covenant carried on a platform. 4Bard or Barding: padded covering for a horse. 5A Maciejowski Helm. 6A Maciejowski Helm. 7A Maciejowski Helm. 8A Banner, mounted on a spear. 9Heraldic flags, the Pennon.
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Rampart of red and yellow shields

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