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Maciejowski 24
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Images from the Maciejowski Bible, Leaf 24

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(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Saul and Jonathon The Israelites defeat the Philistines
Saul addresses several knights as Jonathon attacks some Philistines.  Details show: 1 -a piece of furniture known as a Faldstool, along with a foot stool 2 -heater shield heraldically embossed with an Eagle.  3 -great view of a sword belt4 -good close up of chainmaille coifs ~ the extremely rounded head profile indicates a method of padding that was quite common.  5 -a padded arming cap worn under a chainmaille coif.  6 -good view of a fully armed and armoured knight attacking a foot soldier wearing a quilted leather jerkin. The Israelites defeat the Philistines, while Jonathan eats honeycomb.  Details show:  1 -good view of saddle attachments ~ breast collar fastening with a buckle behind the saddle, standard girth, overgirth and the high front and back panels of the saddle, designed to keep the knight securely seated in the saddle.  2 -leather strap used to hold a heater or kite shield in place during battle.  3  -a dagger4 -first view of detailed engraving work on a pommel ~ this pommel is round, and is quite probably spherical.  5 -a Norman nasal helm showing elaborate decorative work on the skull.  6 -a full length view of a complete set of chainmaille armour, including a hauberk which is clearly knee-length.
Details 1Furniture, known as a Faldstool. 2A heater shield heraldically charged with an Eagle. 3A sword belt. 4Chainmaille coifs 5Padded arming cap. 6A knight in Armour attacks a soldier. Detail 1Saddle attachments: breast collar, girth, overgirth 2Leather strap to hold a shield in place during battle. 3A dagger. 4Sword pommel showing engraving work. 5Norman nasal helm with elaborate decorative work. 6A knee length hauberk.

(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Jonathan angers Saul Saul defeats the Amalekites
Saul seeks God's counsel as to Jonathan's behavior ~ the people rescue Jonathan from near execution.  Details show:  1 -two different styles of period footwear.  2 --two different styles of period footwear, including one on the right which hasn't been seen until now in this manuscript.  3 -good full length view of a cloak lined with Vair (fur) ~ worn by the wealthy.  4 -a tunic (with "convertible sleeves") lined with Vair (fur). Details show:  1 -leather strap used to hold a heater or kite shield in place during battle.  2 -a round battle shield 3 -heater shield held in place with a leather retaining strap.  4 -another good view of a heater shield embossed with a Lion-Rampant.  5 -a Maciejowski Helm with good profile detail of the eye slit and nasal reinforcements.  6 -another good profile detail of the eye slit reinforcement on a Maciejowski Helm 7 -the tip of the blade of a Godenak (Medieval "Chopper").  8 -good view of a battle Mace9 -the second example thus far of a sword scabbard with a metal tip.
Details 1Two styles of period footwear. 2Period footwear 3A cloak lined with Vair (fur) 4A tunic lined with vair (fur) Details 1Leather strap used to keep a shield in place during battle. 2A round battle shield. 3Heater shield held in place with a leather retaining strap. 4Heater shield embossed with a Lion-Rampant. 5Maciejowski Helm and a crown. 6Maciejowski Helm, with good profile detail of the eye slit reinforcement. 7Blade of a Godenak (Medieval "Chopper") 8A battle Mace. 9Sword scabbard with a metal tip.
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