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Maciejowski 46
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Images from the Maciejowski Bible, Leaf 46

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This is the 46th and final leaf of the Maciejowski Bible.  As stated earlier on the introductory page, there are 46 leaves in the entire manuscript.  This, therefore, ends our presentation of this beautiful illuminated manuscript of the 13th century. 


If there is any portion of an image from any leaf that we have not already provided an enlarged detail of, and you would like to have an enlargement of the area in which you are interested, please email us with the specific details and we will be more than delighted to produce a custom enlargement for you.


David grieves over Absalom's death

David reluctantly appears before the people

Sheba forms a conspiracy against David

The men of Judah escort David safely to Jerusalem

David grieves over Absalom's death David reluctantly appears before the people Sheba forms a conspiracy against David The men of Judah escort David safely to Jerusalem
Cushi brings news of the victory over Absalom's army and of Absalom's death to David.  David grieves over the news of Absalom's death.  Joab becomes angry that David is grieving. Joab "brow-beats" David into ending his mourning and to appear before the people.  Details show:  1 -two great examples of single hand swords in their scabbards on a knight's sword belt.  2 -period furniture, an ornate royal throne/chair 3 -single hand sword in a scabbard on a knight's sword belt.  Sheba, the son of Bichri, forms a conspiracy against David.  Detail shows:  1 -single hand sword in its scabbard on a knight's sword belt. The men of Judah maintain loyalty to David and safely escort him to Jerusalem.  Detail shows:  1 -a royal scepter.
Details 1single hand swords 2chair 3single hand sword Detail 1single hand sword Detail 1a royal scepter

David gives orders to pursue Sheba Joan pursues Sheba to the city of Abel
[Double-picture scene: will take longer to load] [Double-picture scene: will take longer to load]
David gives orders to pursue Sheba Joab pursues Sheba to the city of Abel
David gives orders to Amasa to assemble the knights of Judah and return.  Amasa fails to return on time, wherein David then orders Abishai to lead the knights in pursuit of Sheba.  Joab, upon meeting up with the tardy Amasa, kills Amasa with his sword.  Details show:  1 -period saddle, showing the saddle blanket under the saddle, as well as one over the seat.  2 -heater shield. Joab and the knights of Judah then pursue Sheba to the city of Abel.  The residents of Abel kill Sheba and toss his head over the city walls to the attacking knights of Judah, wherein Joab and the knights leave the city in peace.  Details show:  1 -a medieval engine of war (siege engine) called a Trebuchet.  2 -either a pick, or a rendition of a foot-soldier's War-Hammer 3 -excellent view of the interwoven iron strips of a castle gate.
Details 1saddle 2heater shield Details 1Trebuchet 2pick/war hammer 3castle gate
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