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"A picture is worth a thousand words".

When it comes to determining the singularly most effective method for accurately understanding what life was actually like in the high mediŠval ages, no truer words could possibly be spoken.

Whilst we can read tome after tome after tome, reading in great detail the descriptions of this article of garb or that design of castle or some method of laying siege, most times a pictorial representation is beyond value in providing that oft elusive "...ahhhh, I see what they mean...".

To that end, fellow mediŠval enthusiasts, we have compiled a vast and continually growing collection of images from this illustrious period of history.  

Our fellow mediŠval counterparts were not unlike ourselves when it came to the innate desire to document, in great detail,  the various aspects of their everyday life, for their own immediate benefit, as well as to pass down their legacy to future generations.

The mediŠval peoples did this in various mediums, such as sculptures, friezes, brasses, wooden carvings, manuscripts and tapestries.  Throughout the centuries, various peoples and organizations have endeavored to preserve this legacy of knowledge through a vicissitude of methods such as physical artifact restoration, exhaustive copying, and tireless interpretations.  These  comprehensive efforts have resulted in a documented imagery of this bygone era, albeit strewn across hundreds, perhaps thousands of tomes, but nonetheless available to the diligent, resourceful seeker of historical mediŠval knowledge.

Presented here are copies from this vast, strewn archive of mediŠval life, as it truly was, not as Hollywood has so inaccurately misrepresented.

May one and all take enlightenment and delight as your companions on your journey through this Vision of Medieval Tymes.

Wall Torch

Rampart of red and yellow shields

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