Rampart of black and yellow shields

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Maciejowski 10
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Rampart of red and yellow shields

Wall Torch

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Images from the Maciejowski Bible, Leaf 10

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(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)    
Hai defeats the Israelites Achan confesses Achan is punished
The city of Hai successfully drives off the attacking Israelites.   Details show: 1 -documented evidence of the existence and use of blackened chainmaille (his chainmaille is clearly blackened in comparison to everyone else in the battle scene.): We stress this point as there has been much debate, mostly negative, on discussion forums regarding the period-correctness and authenticity of blackened armour, and of blackened chainmaille in particular.  Since the Maciejowski Bible is considered the definitive reference, this image should now settle that debate!, 2 -a war-club and battle-axe, 3 -a dagger, 4 -a Glaive (a halberd-like weapon), 5 -soldier dressed in a quilted-leather jerkin with a scalloped bottom on top of a quilted-leather coat, also a leather gorget (neck protection).  Also, you can see the padded arming-cap under the helm, 6 -a Cervelliere (steel skull-cap), 7 -a leather strap used for carrying a shield, 8 -another example of a sword-belt, 9 -an Arbalestier (crossbowman) and his Arbalest (crossbow), 10 -helm with an arming-cap showing underneath, 11 -example of a soldier wearing a quilted-leather jerkin with short, scalloped sleeves over his chainmaille, yet under his surcoat, 12 -Good example of the use of Heraldry and heraldic flags as identification during battle, 13 - Chainmaille coif with an attached Camail, 14 -A castle with a Portcullised gate, 15 -Hilt of a cruciform-style battle sword. Achan confesses to stealing from the Israelites. Achan, his household members and his cattle are stoned in retribution for his thievery.
Details 11.  Blackened Chainmaille. 22.  A war-club and a battle-axe. 33.  A dagger. 44.  A Glaive (a halberd-like weapon) 55.  Quilted leather jerkin, leather gorget, arming-cap. 66.  A cervelliere (steel skull-cap) 77.  Leather strap typically used to sling a shield for carrying purposes. 88.  A sword-belt. 99.  Arbalestier (crossbowman) and his Arbalest (crossbow) 1010.  Helm with a padded arming-cap showing underneath, tied under the chin. 1111.  Chainmaille, then quilted-leather jerkin, then surcoat. 1212.  Heraldic flag used in battle for identification. 1313.  Coif with attached Camail. 1414.  A portcullised gate of a castle. 1515.  Hilt of a cruciform-style battle sword.    

(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Hai is captured The Gibeonites
The city of Hai falls to Joshua and the Israelites.  Details show: 1 -Fine example of kite-shaped shields, 2 -a dagger, 3 -another example of an Arbalestier (crossbowman) and his Arbalest (crossbow) with a lever-style trigger (crossbowman is wearing a Cervelliere (steel skull-cap), 4 -a two-handed Glaive, 5 -a classic cruciform-style sword with a round pommel slicing through a soldier's Norman nasal-helm, 6 -either a pick, or a rendition of a foot-soldier's War-Hammer, 7 -Fine example of a horse's Bridle and shank-style Bit, 8 -a Bard, which is a padded fabric covering for the horse, often used to display the heraldic marking of the knight  9 -a hanging (the King of the city of Hai is hung by Joshua and his invaders), 10 -Heraldically charged heater-shield, specifically, a cinquefoil Gules (red) on a field Or (yellow/gold), 11 -a heater-shaped shield without heraldic charges, painted Gules (red), 12 -an example of a type of battle/siege engine - notice pin in the center allowing a pivoting movement and the counterweight of wood blocks at the castle-end, allowing the engine to easily be lowered and raised with ease, and the six hooks at the "business-end" could be used to repel would-be wall-climbers (the King of Hai is seen swinging from one of the hooks). The Gibeonites sue for peace with Joshua and the Israelites.  Details show: 1 -great example of spurs tied onto the chainmailled ankles of soldiers, you can see the metal "points" (tips) on the leather straps, 2 -another Cervelliere (steel skull-cap) with its leather strap visible, as well as a padded arming-cap underneath, 3 -good example of an attached coif (attached to the Hauberk) laying back over the soldier's shoulders; a gorget can also be seen around his neck (also, another example of a Cervelliere).
Details 11.  Kite-shields. 22.  A dagger. 33.  An Arbalestier and his arbalest 44.  Another example of a Glaive 55.  Cruciform-style sword with a round pommel. 66.  Either a pick, or a version of a War-Hammer. 77.  Horse's Bridle and Bit (shank-style bit) 88.  A Bard - padded fabric covering for the horse. 99.  A hanging. 1010.  Heraldic charges on a heater-shield. 1111.  A red heater-shield. 1212.  An engine of war, used to repel wall-climbing attackers. Details 11.  Spurs 22.  Cervelliere (steel skull-cap) with leather straps and a padded arming cap. 33.  Hauberk with an attached coif.
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Wall Torch

Rampart of red and yellow shields

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Rampart of black and yellow shields