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Maciejowski 12
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Images from the Maciejowski Bible, Leaf 12

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(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Ehud slays Eglon, king of Moab Deborah, Barak and Sisera
Ehus slays Eglon, the king of Moab (right) and the Israelites defeat the Moabites.   Details show: 1-excellent example of a battle-axe, including some engraving on the blade. 2 - heraldic flags; specifically the "Pennon", a  medium-sized flag (about 3 feet in length) flown from the head of a spear that is held "at charge" (horizontally or near-so). Any heraldry or artwork displayed on a pennon is oriented to be viewed in the "at charge" position. The pennon indicated the physical presence of the person who's arms are displayed on it. 3 - good example of the hilt of a dagger. 4 - another style of dagger5 -an embossed heater-shield.   6 -another example of period footwear7 -great example of a saddle-girth.  8 -a bridle and bit. The prophetess, Deborak convinces Barak to attack King Sisera.   Details show: 1 -good example of a saddle, girth and full harness hook-up to a carriage.  2 -another style of sword-hilt.  3 -example of the sheer brutality of medieval warfare.  4 -another example of a horse's bridle and bit, this one has ornate metal pieces attached to the leather.  5 -a fancy breast-collar on a horse.
Details 1Battle-axe, with engraving on the blade. 2A "Pennon" flag, mounted on a spear, carried in battle. 3Hilt of a dagger. 4Another style of dagger-hilt. 5An embossed heater shield. 6Period footwear. 7Girth of a saddle. 8Horse's bridle and bit. Details 1Saddle, girth, full-harness setup for horse-and-carriage. 2Another style of sword-hilt. 3The savagery of medieval warfare. 4Horse's ornate bridle and bit. 5Fancy breast-collar on a horse.

(Double-picture scene: will take longer to load) (Double-picture scene: will take longer to load)
Jael slays King Sisera Gideon is called
Jael kills Sisera by driving a large spike into his skull.  Details show: 1 -probably one of the best examples of the hilt of a sword - the grip is leather wrapped, then wrapped with wire, and the crossguard  has detailed grooves at each end.  Also, a great example of a scabbard and a "sword frog" (method of attaching a scabbard to the sword-belt).  Also, you can see a good example of a knight's belt.  2 -a period hammer3 -fine detail of a chainmaille coif with an attached camail 4 -a lady's hair-band/head-band. Gideon is called to rescue Israel from Madian, and makes a sacrifice to an angel of the lord.  Details show: 1 -a male wearing a pear of "Braies" (medieval underwear) - the braies are rolled up around the waist.  Inside the roll is a belt to which linen "Chausses" (leggings, not shown in this picture) were attached by leather laces.  2 - great example of a "Flail" - originally, as seen here, the flail was an agricultural tool used to "thresh" wheat (separate the grain from the straw or husks {"chaff"}) - eventually, someone discovered the usefulness of the flail as a weapon in combat, and it was transformed into the smaller, single-hand weapon of war.  3 -another view of the agricultural flail4 -example of an "Ankle-boot", typically worn by the "worker-class", it was common after c.1200 AD and was up to 12" high.  5 -an agricultural/food preparation tool known as a "Winnowing-Fan", used to sort threshed grain from it's chaff, typically used immediately after the wheat was threshed with a flail.  6 -fantastic example of the wearing of single-leg linen "Chausses" (leggings), showing how they were attached to a leather belt (can't be seen) which was inside the top portion of the Braies (underwear which appears almost like a diaper about the man's groin) which was rolled up at the waistline.  The braies and a pair of "ankle-boots" can also be seen on the wearer.
Details 1Great sword hilt, scabbard, sword-frob and a knight's belt. 2A period-style hammer. 3Chainmaille coif with camail. 4A lady's hair-band. Details 1Braies (medieval underwear) 2An agricultural tool, the "Flail" (eventually became a weapon of war. 3Another agricultural flail. 4Period footwear called "ankle-boots" 5A "Winnowing-Fan". 6Linen chausses (leggings).
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